Surf Safety

Surfing is great fun but to have fun you need to stay safe.  Our goal is to teach you how to stay safe while having fun – our focus is solely on surfing and water safety.  During your surf lesson, we will make sure that you are staying as safe as possible under our supervision.  We will also teach you how to stay safe when you head into the surf without us.  Here are some of the safety aspects we teach.

  1. Dangers and Hazards – Rips, rocks, and other riders
  2. Surf Conditions – Wind, swell, and tide
  3. Using Landmarks
  4. Wipe Outs and Safe Dismounts
  5. Surf Etiquette

We pride ourselves on being the most safety conscious surf school on the Coast. Dan and/or Meg are present and involved in every single lesson because we love what we do and to also maintain our super high standard of lessons.  Our intro talks are legendary covering all aspects of safety and successful tips on learning to surf.  Some parents bring their kids to a surf lesson at the start of every summer just to hear the talk and brush up on all the safety tips!

All of our lessons are conducted at Surfers’ Parade, Middleton in waist deep water using soft Malibu surfboards between our large orange surf Lesson flags.  Bright orange surf lesson rashies are worn by all our surf students over the top of their wetsuits for easy recognition and all instructors wear red rashies.

The surf instructors (including Dan and/or Meg) rotate among the surf students multiple times throughout the lesson encouraging and fine tuning safe and successful techniques. You are invited to come down to the beach for an inspection of how we operate.  You will see how enthusiastic and interactive we are. We will only ever surf with students toward the end of a lesson once we have 100% success rate from ALL students.  All of our instructors hold a minimum Level 1 Surf Coaching qualification acquired through Surfing Australia.  We are all trained in Senior First Aid, CPR, and Surf Rescue.

On the rare occasion that the surf conditions are dangerous, we will cancel or postpone a lesson.  Kombi Surf puts you and your family’s safety before your money!


Dan & Meg Keelan
Kombi Surf
Surfers Parade, Middleton SA 5213

0414 341 545