Group Surf Lessons

  • Single lesson: $60 per surfer
  • Double lesson: $110 per surfer
  • Group Discount! Book in a group of 4 or more and pay only $55 each.

Our group surf lessons are aimed at beginning to intermediate surfers.  Group lessons take place in waist deep water so you actually do not even have to know how to swim in order to participate.  There are a maximum of 8 students to 1 instructor in a group lesson though we rarely operate at that maximum.

Our group surf lesson is 2 hours in duration.  You will meet us at the beach and be greeted by Dan or Meg at the van.  We will collect or have you fill out a consent form and then fit you with a wetsuit.  You will carry your board down the short track to the beach and go through some instruction on the beach.  We feel our biggest responsibility in teaching surfing is making sure you understand the safety aspects.  In particular, you will learn about dangers and hazards, assessing surf conditions, handling your board, and safe dismounts and crash positions.  You will have a chance to practice your prone-to-feet technique on the sand and then we will accompany you out into the water to put it into practice.  Then it is time to surf!

There is always an instructor with you in the water offering tips and tricks to improve your surfing.  We will share our time among all students by rotating around giving each person plenty of one-on-one instruction throughout the two hours.

If you are keen and fit, you might be interested in a double lesson.  You will have two 2-hour surf lessons in one day with a break between the two to either enjoy a picnic on the beach or grab a quick bite at one of the local eateries.


Dan & Meg Keelan
Kombi Surf
Surfers Parade, Middleton SA 5213

0414 341 545