Private Lessons

Starting from $180 for a 2-hour private lesson.

There are a couple of different reasons you might choose a private surf lesson.

  1. You (or your child) need one-on-one attention throughout the entire lesson.  In a group lesson, the instructors need to share their time among all the students.  Although we will always be keeping a watchful eye on all surfers, we are not able to be within arm’s reach of each student throughout the lesson.
  1. You are confident with the surfing basics, can consistently catch white water waves and successfully get up to your feet and are ready to develop your skills further. If you want someone to show you how to paddle out the back, duck dive and help you onto some unbroken waves, then a private lesson could be for you.
  1. You would like to have a surf lesson on your hard (fiberglass, epoxy) board.  We only use soft surfboards in our group lessons.

Most private lessons are 2 hours in duration depending on the needs of the particular surf student.  When you arrive at the beach, Dan or Meg will meet you at the van.  After filling out a consent form and getting into a wetsuit, we will discuss what you are hoping to achieve during the private lesson.  Many of our private surf lesson students have taken part in our group lessons first so we are aware of their particular skill levels.  If not, we will ask you to tell us what current surf skills you have.  We will then choose a surfboard or two to take down to the beach.

We will first go through ocean awareness and surf safety.  You will learn how to handle your board and negotiate your way out to the waves and then we will go through the techniques for getting up to your feet.  After a few practices on the sand and trying to make any corrections we see fit, we will head out into the surf.  Depending on your skill level, we may start in waist deep water to work on some aspects or we might each get on a board and paddle out together.  The lesson will be guided by your current skills, your goals for the lesson, and the conditions on the day.

If you are interested in a private surf lesson, please contact us for availability.  We will also try to get an idea of how we can help you get the most out of the lesson at this time.

Please contact us for pricing on small group private surf lessons (for up to up to 8 surfers).


Dan & Meg Keelan
Kombi Surf
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